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Bodybuilders who buy Biosira Testosterone Cytex inject testosterone cypionate 200 to 250 mg once per week. Betting on the athlete's goal, may the dose also on 400-500 mg per week to be increased. Use advanced and experienced athletes 400 – 500 mg all 5 – 7 Days.

For whom that's not enough or for those that have competition ambitions, consumed up to 1000 mg every week and can end in a large gain in weight, Mass and strength rewarded.


With testosterone cypionate like origianles Biosira Testosteron Cytex 300mg the steroid cure should be a minimum of 16 Stretch for weeks and longer, to create as many solid muscle cells as possible. Short term steroid cures by merely 6 – 8 Weeks usually only end in unwanted water storage, d.h. the built-up results are promptly lost again after stopping the steroid.

In the bodybuilder sector and with athletes at national level, weekly Test C Magnus Dosages above the 1000mg mark observed. Testosteron Cypionat mit 1000 - 2000mg hebdomadally combined with HGH somatropin, possibly also peptides, and trenbolone enanthate, form a well-liked steroid stack, which of known Bodybuildern is employed within the bulk phase with the best success.

Female athletes are strongly advised to not use testosterone cypionate in any form. Athletes, who want to experience the ability of Testosterone Magnus Pharmaceuticals once, becomes the utilization of a brief term tester, how it z. B. which represents testosterone propionate, recommended.


Since testosterone cypionate like Biosira Testosteron Cytex 300mg in any form intensively intervenes in your own hormonal balance, A subsequent PCT Post Cycle Therapy after a steroid cure is advisable. 14 Days before the tip of the steroid regimen should be the utilization of (Ovigiel) HCG should be considered, which is then followed by the administration of tamoxifen or clomiphene. Additionally, you ought to take exemestane during the course of the cure.


Biosira Testosterone Cytex is one amongst the foremost supplements, which are around for a awfully very long time within the world of weight training. It’s a steroid hormone with long esters and tied to testosterone molecules. It’s well-known used for the aim of treating testosterone deficiency within the form. Especially with adolescents with stunted growth.

But due to its other great positive properties, Biosira Testosterone Cytex has become very hip among performance enhancers within the world of sports. this is often one in every of the foremost easily available and powerful anabolic steroids ever.

This sport supplement is ideal for each level of consumer, as an Amateur, Advanced and bodybuilders. the big increase in performance is what makes it so popular. The advantage over enanthate is that the slightly longer half-life of roughly 7 Days.

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