Stanozolol Injection Genesis (100 mg/ml) 10 ml

Product: Stanozolol Injection
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 100 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Stanozolol


Stanozolol Injection Genesis (100 mg/ml) 10 ml


Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid that is injected into the intramuscular parts manufactured by Genesis used in the treatment of hereditary angioedema, helps in improving the quality of movement of joints. It is used for the treatment of refractory iron deficiency anemias, Breast cancer, angioedema, deficiency of antithrombin III, for an increase in growth hormones.

The working mechanism of stanozolol:

it basically improves and promotes cell growth and enhances the anabolic activities which stimulate protein is effective for production of red blood cells. these cells carry oxygen throughout the body. It also Increases the number of cells which means strengthening the tissues.

The composition of stanozolol:

this can be injected into the body and it can be used is anabolic synthetic steroid made from dihydrotestosterone (DHT).it is highly oral bioactive drug similar to the naturally occurring testosterone hormone.

It improves the ability to produce red blood cell count in the body that carries oxygen. it can increase muscle gains and strengthen the tissues of the muscles. Stanozolol is an active steroid that increases the muscle size and mass because of its anabolic nature.

Stanozolol Chemical formula: C21H32N2O

Stanozolol is an excellent choice as it helps in quality muscle growth. It also strengthens the muscles by enhancing the tissues in the body. It doesn't cause any type of loss in the body neither causes water retention.

It is highly recommended by the bodybuilders as it helps in increasing the muscle mass without retaining fluid from the also has the ability to boost endurance activities.

  1. Lean appearance:

Making the body lean and reducing the extra fat in the body. Athletes don't like to carry the bulky body and weight so they use this drug to get shredded and cutting the bulking cycles.

  1. Increasing muscle mass and muscle strength:

Professional use this medicine for growth and development of the tissues. It effectively enhances the muscle size without water retention or any kind of fluid loss from the body.

  1. Performance enhancing drug:

This synthetic product is the best choice if you want to enhance your performance .it quickly increases the speed and power.

  1. Enhanced Metabolism:

Testosterone levels are increased as it boosts up the metabolism in the body quickly.

  1. Helps to burn fat

The synthetic drug is very useful for cutting and shedding helps in burning the extra calories from the body. It is used to increase the overall muscle gain and provide protection to the tissues.

  1. Vascular Tone:

It helps in increasing vascularity and tone.

  1. Ripped physique:

It is used by the professionals for making their physique better.

  1. It is used for the treatment of refractory iron deficiency anemias
  2. hereditary angioedema treatment
  3. deficiency of antithrombin III
  4. increase in growth hormones


How to use:

1.    These preventions are necessary before taking the drug:

2.    Consult the doctor before use.

3.    Keep it at room temperature

4.    Daily monitor your medical condition

5.    Store it in the cool and dry area.

6.    Keep it away where children can't reach




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