Ostarine (MK-2866) - Magnus

Name: MK-2866 Ostarine SARMs Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Core: Active ingredient 10 mg per capsule Ostarine
Contents: 100 capsules MK-2866 Ostarine SARMs Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Usage time: 4-6 weeks
Dose: 25 mg / day for males and 12.5 mg / day for females

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Ostarine alternatively known as MK-2866 is a selective androgen receptor module which is developed for treating muscle wasting. It is effective against atrophy, sarcopenia and works as a testosterone replacement therapy. It is quite effective to increase body mass using the muscle receptors, resulting in rapidly growing without using steroids with the drug. The Ostarine’s results are amazing, as it keeps your body in shape even after workouts are discontinued.

The drug has helped lots of people in achieving impossible targets without no time and reducing extra fats at the same time. Since the drug is highly anabolic and perfectly anti-catabolic leading to more stamina and strength to your body. This is a versatile drug that suits different body types and makes your fitness goals easy to achieve. Ostarine is known for its non-toxic substances helping in healing internal body injuries, breaking down stubborn fats within the body and expanding the stressed muscles gradually. It only targets androgen receptors rather than converting DHT. Though it is not a steroid but works like steroids and it should be administered carefully during the workout.

Ostarine has proven results and helping lots of athletes and help to enhance cardiovascular endurance during the prolonged sessions of strenuous training. This is the best drug with no side effects and proven as an alternative to the steroids. Ostarine is available both in oral and injectable forms widely available in the market at the price of 25$ average.

Positive Effects of Ostarine

·         Increases muscle mass at a moderate level within 2-5 kg

·         Increases muscle strength at the middle level

·         It increases protosynthesis and muscle regeneration

·         It increases bone density, tendon strength, improves the health of ligaments and improves the use of collagen, which is beneficial to the joints

·         It promotes fat-burning effects because in the case of low-calorie diets it can provide the necessary energy from fats

·         It increases the sense of well-being

·         It reduces the level of SHBG


The recommended dosage of this drug is 25mg initially for 4-6 weeks only. However, it can be increased during the exercise.

The cost of Ostarine is comparatively lower than the other available steroids in the market and its performance supersede leading brands of bodybuilding and mass gaining. The drug is popular for its instant results and helps in reducing weight loss by burning fats. It is ideal for both beginner and intermediate level trainers. It comes in a standard bottle with 100 capsules and available in 62 Euros.

It is advised to buy Ostarine from a legitimate supplier, as there are lots of fake drugs being sold online and no one can differentiate between the real and fake one. Get the best quality drugs online at the best rates from the stores online.  

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