Proviron Hubei (25 mg/tab) 30 tabs

Product: Proviron
Manufacturer: Hubei
Quantity: 25 mg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Mesterolone

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Proviron is a drug initially used to treat the depression and anxiety in men and women. Later, the drug was used for the treatment of fertility problems in women, but it is no longer in use for treatment of any disorder. However, lots of stores are selling fake drugs with the name of Proviron for various treatments. Most of the bodybuilders use this drug with various diet programs helping to gain strength and become stronger. It not only increases the production of androgens in the body and minimizes the effects of negative steroids.

The chemical name of Proviron is Mesterolone and it is widely used to restore the body after the suppression of testosterone with extended use of anabolic steroids. The results of anti-estrogen activity have been confirmed after testing by several laboratories. This drug has successfully locked the water retention problem mainly caused by anabolic effects in the body. The average use of this drug should be 4-5 weeks during fitness training or exercise. The drug has varied uses for a unique category of training and fitness program. Those who are a beginner in training should take a low dosage of Proviron and can increase the dosage gradually if no anomalies are observed.

Proviron has a powerful effect and it should be taken after consultation to get the desired results without damaging. Many athletes have witnessed improvement in muscle density and strength. Many believe this is due to the low water retention and less amount of estrogen circulating in the body. However, the results can be more favorable to the use of other drugs in the minimum period. Proviron is available in tablets only and primarily used for increasing the hardness of the muscles. However, limitation of use is recommended because of the possibility of virilization symptoms. It increases the burning of fat in the body and improves indicators of muscle growth.  The primary usage of Proviron Hubei is removing the side effects of steroids in the body and improve the body structure physically.


The dosage of the drug varies with the level of sports. An average use of 25-100 mg per day is recommended for at least 3 months involving medium training levels.  The accurate usage of Proviron gets you instant results without compromising overall health. Proviron comes in a pack of 30 tablets containing 25mg each and easily available on many drugstores online. It is quite cost-effective and increases the body potential in weeks.

Side Effects

There are fewer chances of the risk of Proviron if taken with adequate dosage. Since the drug is well-tolerated, so affecting the liver is out of the question. The excessive use of Proviron can only result in an excessive penis erection. However, there are no side effects reported by the individuals using this drug for the fitness training and bodybuilding.

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