Testosterone Undecanoate Injection Genesis 2 amps [2x500mg/2ml]

Product: Testosterone Undecanoate
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 500 mg/ml
Pack: 2 amps / 2 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Testosterone Undecanoate


Testosterone Undecanoate Injection Genesis 2 amps [2x500mg/2ml]

It is an injectable drug, injected in intramuscular parts, which is an effective active steroid used by professionals, athletes and sportsman for muscle gain enhancements, increasing the strength of muscles. improves the protein functioning that enhances the rate of protein amalgamation and generation of the protein. Subsequently, the human body maintains the nitrogen and body fluid.

Mechanism of working of Testosterone Undecanoate Injection:

It actively Stimulates the linear growth and also used for Androgenic effects including sex organs, body hair growth, voice deepening, the formation of scrotum. Testosterone compound maintains and stabilizes the blood levels of male hormones. This is effective for maintaining the sexual characteristics like body hair growth, muscle mass, muscle strength, bone density.

This drug is used for the treatment of diseases like Osteoporosis and insufficient levels of testosterone hormone

Dosage details:

Initially, start the course with 120 mg to 160 mg divided into two doses for the first 2 to 3 weeks then slowly increase the dosage.


1.      Fast muscle gains

2.      Growth of tissues

3.      Stimulate production of red blood cells

4.      Metabolism growth

5.      It doesn't induce hypertension

6.      Reduce cardiovascular risks

7.      Treatment of sexual characteristics

8.      Helps in growth of sex hormones

9.      shredded body

10.  Speed and energy increases

11.  It improves lipid levels

12.  Fat burning drug

13.  Controls glucose levels

14.  Protein synthesis

15.  Increase in Bone density

16.  Boost up the glycogenolysis

17.  Increase in Anabolism function

18.  Sex organs enlargement

19.  Athletes use this drug for increasing their speed.

20.  It is used for Digestion and inhalation sportsman use this medicine for increasing their speed and performance.

21.  it is used for the well-toned physique.

22.  provides medication for genital problems

23.  It is very helpful for the men who are aged Having low testosterone.

24.  deals with the hormonal Imbalances.

25.  Muscular issues treatment

26.  thriving of muscles

27.  DHT Conversion

28.  muscle strength

How to use:

1.      Consult your doctor and discuss your previous medical records with him.

2.      Complete your course

3.      Daily examine your medical conditions

4.      Take the recommended dose.

5.      Keep it at room temperature

6.      Store it in a cool place away from humidity and sunlight

7.      Keep away from the reach of children


It also does not increase the estrogens and no water retention. For maintaining the levels of testosterone, the drug is injected only as it remains active in the body for very long nearly one month.

Another factor that has made it so well known among weightlifters is that it can guarantee quick muscle and quality additions.

Moreover, it helps accelerate recuperation with the goal that you can be prepared for another extreme exercise center session rapidly.

Professionals and athletes recommend it for ripped physique and in the phase of cutting the cycles.

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