Follistatin 344 - 1mg - BIO PEPTIDE

Product: Follistatin 344

Manufacturer: Bio Peptide
Quantity: 1mg
Package: 10ml
Steroid cycle: growth
Active principle:
 Follistatin 344


Follistatin 344 - 1mg - BIO PEPTIDE

The prerequisite of value muscles will dependably be there and this is the motivation behind why the accomplished clients like to take the substances and supplements. When discussing the substances for muscle development, Follistatin 344 is a standout amongst the most favored by the general clients.

It offers sensational outcomes for expanding the bulk gain and it additionally works as Myostatin inhibitor. The supplement has been tried numerous a times and has demonstrated extraordinary outcomes for muscle building. It offers a greater amount of nitrogen maintenance and lesser water maintenance. This really helps the development and maintenance of the muscles.

Mechanism of Follistatin 344 - 1mg - BIO PEPTIDE:

Follistatin significantly increases growth and strength of muscles by blocking Myostatin (GDF-8 – a protein inhibiting muscle growth). Follistatin-344 seems to be a very promising Myostatin inhibitor, possessing a sufficient safety profile.

Follistatin 344 Follistatin (also known as activin-binding protein) is an autocrine glycoprotein encoded by the FST gene that is expressed in nearly all tissues. Its primary function in the body is neutralization of members of the TGF-β superfamily, with a particular focus on activin and paracrine hormones.


Follistatin 344 is a great choice for the builders who are unable to work out on daily basis or for those who stopped exercising, but they still want to stay in shape, having a huge muscle mass.  The lesser the strenuous muscle workout, the lessor would be the physical activity and higher Myostatin concentration.

Follistatin is a potent Myostatin inhibitor. An original Follistatin 344 acted also as an activin inhibitor, which on the other hand stimulates the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone – FSH (activin regulates the growth and differentiation of all cell types, including cells within sexual glands, pituitary gland, and skeletal muscles).

Advantages of Follistatin 344:

1.      It binds directly to activin and acts as an activin antagonist.

2.      Follistatin 344 is a selective inhibitor of biosynthesis and secretion of a pituitary follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

3.      Follistatin 344 is a potent myostatin inhibitor and promotes muscle growth this is due to the fact it blocks myostatin.

4.      The peptide is preferred by athletes who are unable to exercise regularly or opt out from sports activities but need massive muscle mass.

5.      This medicine also acts as an anti-aging and tissue rejuvenation drug.

6.      It also acts as certain natural hormones in the body that regulate and control how the body works and develops.

Not recommended stuff to do while using Follistatin-344

Not prescribed if there should be an occurrence of excessive sensitivity to Follistatin 344, prostate or chest carcinoma, prostate hyperplasia indications, nephrosis, edema, hypercalcemia, liver issues, diabetes, heart disappointment or coronary myocardial dead tissue, atherosclerosis in elderly men. Not to be utilized by young people to stay away from the untimely end of development and adolescence.

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