Ultrabolic 250 (Asia Anabolics) 250mg/ml

Product: Ultrabolic 250

Manufacture: Asia Anabolics
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate, Drostanolone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate

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Ultrabolic 250 (Asia Anabolics) 250mg/ml

The dynamic elements of the medication help increment quality, bulk, and protection. Lessen the time expected to reestablish the body after exercise. The composition of this drug helps to safe muscles from drying and safe body muscles proteins for more than nine hours.

This drug helps to enhance the considerable number of frameworks of the body, since having the organization of complex vitamin and mineral.

The medication is considered very important for mass building and holds a conspicuous place in weights lifting exercises, which is intended to expand the bulk mass in the body. This drug is not a complete substitute for diet but can be taken as a supplement support in the general routine.

 It references to its injectable and infusion form, it is significantly more secure in light of the fact that once it gets in the blood and it dispenses with rapidly by the body without impacts lethal in the liver and the kidneys. Indeed, even at the least dosage accomplished brilliant outcomes in a brief timeframe.

How to buy:

The product is easily available in online stores and from the website of the company just by placing a simple order form or calling the company operators. And the company has set its price at a very low and affordable rate so that every person can but it. This medicine is recommended to athletes and sportsmen for better performance and works well for beginners too


1. Inhibition of Glucocorticoids:

It is anticatabolic steroid as it prevents from Glucocorticoids and other hormones related to catabolism.

2. Muscle strengthening:

It enhances muscles by increasing their strength and gains in muscle mass. This can effectively work with proper diet, exercise, and workouts.

3. Lean appearance

4.Strength, improved sexual characteristics and increased aggression, better performance, protein


5. Androgen levels:

It has the ability to increase androgen levels with increased efficiency.


The testosterone propionate dosage required is computed by the weight of the body, and an expected impact of the medication. Drostanolone propionate before taking check with your specialist and know the subtle elements used in the formation of a drug. Doctors prescribe to take before the workout, after the workout and before going was to the bed. Try not to take for pregnant ladies, breastfeeding ladies and youngsters under 18 years old. Take just in the event that you don't have an individual affectability to the medication or contraindications.


Minimum recommended a dosage of the medication, which is up to 600 mg for each week. The course of 6-9 weeks, contingent upon the normal outcomes. The ladies and the apprentice dosage is figured independently. To do this, you should counsel a specialist and concentrate in detail the directions, or contact our expert agents. We require abstaining with a high substance of protein and calorie content.

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