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Drostanolon Biosira Mastotex is thought to several athletes under the brand name "Masteron". This steroid is a perfect product for competition preparation. As a DHT derivative, the steroid active ingredient doesn't convert to estrogen in any dosage. there's therefore no risk of increased water or fat storage, gynecomastia is additionally not a problem. The liver isn't burdened by this active ingredient. Drostanolone Propionate works similarly to Trenbolone, only with one difference, that drostanolone propionate is more androgenic, but it's less anabolic. With Masteron, the training aggressiveness and strength is larger than with Trenbolone, while with Trenbolone more muscle growth may be achieved. Bodybuilders want to shop for Drostanolone Magnus Propionate without a prescription within the steroid shop.


Originally, Mastotex was made by the corporate Syntex manufactured for medical purposes and treatment for girls, who got carcinoma. The success of this steroid became popular within a brief period of your time.

This steroid is employed by bodybuilders who have already trained a coffee percentage of body fat. the most use is in competition preparation to burn the unnecessary and excess fat. additionally, the last remaining water retention are burned off and you may look very dry and hard.

The steroid synthesis of the DHT derivative Drostanolon Biosira Propionat was first used 1959 described. Drolban Syntex was only launched on the market at the tip of the 1960s, a drostanolone propionate steroid wont to fight carcinoma in women.


The half-life of Mastotex Drostanolone Propionate may be a maximum of two days, because the propionate ester from Masteron Propionat may be a short ester. that's why the Masteron athletes inject a day or every two days. From steroid underground laboratories like Magnus Pharma, Genesis, Vermodje or British Dragon are meanwhile also anabolic steroids with a half-life of about 5 Days known and sell the Drostanolone Enanthate and thus achieve a steroid effect length of Testosterone Enanthate or Primobolan.


In sport, Drostanolon Biosira Mastotex is injected by athletes, who want to attain muscle growth and hardness. Because it attaches to the aldosterone receptor and thus helps drainage, it'll mostly 4 – 8 Used weeks before a diet and for pre-competition preparation. Masteron Propionat helps to enhance training performance and recovery time during a steroid regimen. Often times it's stacked with other anabolic steroids, so z.B. with various testosterones like Trenbolone Acetate or Winstrol (Stanozolol).


The dosage of Drostanolon Biosira Mastotex is happy to be 50 up to 100mg Masteron every or every other day. Bodybuilders tell, the most effective value for money when taking 400mg of Drostanolone Propionate each week. Now the recommended steroid dosage of Synthex SA is interesting to the steroid label manufacturer of Drostanolone, which may be a top dosage within the medical field of 167 mcg Drostanolone GEP per kilogram of weight per day.

That would mean, for an athlete weighing 100 kilograms, a dosage of 167 mg of drostanolone per day.

This steroid info text isn't a recommendation or advice on the topic Masteron and it's not intended to function a guide, but only to be an education within the steroid area.


Estrogenic Drostanolon Biosira Mastotex Steroid side effects don't occur when using Masteron. Unwanted water retention or gynecomastia don't seem to be an issue. The ingestion doesn't cause high vital sign or liver damage.

By using drostanolone, the natural production of testosterone within the body is suppressed. Therefore stop steroids properly with a post cycle therapy with HCG and clomiphene!

Otherwise, androgenic side effects like excessive hair loss occur, Acne and hair growth on the rear. High cholesterol is additionally a typical side effect of Drostanolone Biosira Propionate.

Mastotex side effects properties:

Androgener Index – 25
Progestational Activity - Low
Liver Toxicity - Low
Anabolischer Index -62
Estrogen Levels - Very Low
The post cycle therapy after a Masteron steroid course with Drostanolon Biosira Mastotex begins, 15-19 Days after your last injection. Thorough and proper Post Cycle Therapy is important after each steroid regimen, when testosterone-stimulating auxiliaries like Nolvadex or HCG should be used, so testosterone production begins normally again.
Drostanolon Biosira isn't aromatized to estrogen and thus doesn't require estrogen protection like Arimidex during the complete steroid regimen.


A Drostanolone Magnus Propionate Steroid regimen with Masteron should be about for 10 – 12 Weeks to be planned. this could end in little fat gain and no water retention.

Steroid Kur Amateure: 50mg Masteron Propionate every two days and 100 - 150mg Testosterone Propionate. The testosterone percentage must always be on top of that of the Drostanolone steroid.

Steroid regimen athletes: 100mg every or every two days similarly as 150-200mg testosterone propionate & 50mg Oxandrolon Anaver.

Steroid Kur Bodybuilder: 150mg Drostanolon & 150mg Trenbolone Acetate all 2 Days furthermore as 200mg testosterone propionate daily or every two days plus 50mg oxandrolone.

Steroid regimen women: 50mg Masteron Propionate every two days.

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This Drostanolone Biosira Mastotex steroid has exceptional anti-estrogenic and anabolic properties. Masteron Propionat helps with this before a contest, reduce unnecessary body fat and become drier and avoid unnecessary water retention. Get dry with Drostanolon Biosira until the veins start up. it'll be used during a steroid regimen 5-7 % burned more fat than a natural athlete.

Reaching a particular weight.
Defined muscle mass
Maintaining the standard of your muscle mass.
Reducing water retention.
Radical fat burning.
Drostanolon Biosira Mastotex 100mg should never be taken alone, always combine with other androgenic and anabolic steroids like testosterone, Oxandrolon oder Stanozolol. a preferred steroid stack is with Trenbolone Acetate or Boldenone.

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