Biosira Primobolan Primox 25mg



Buy Biosira Primobolan Primox for your steroid cure with Primox 25mg 100 Tabs Methenolon Acetat. Usually, Primobolan 25mg Primox 25mg 100 Tabs is performed with one intake per day, but sometimes by dividing the identical dose in two. additionally, you must drink lots. Oral use is quicker and more practical than an injection of methenolone. Nevertheless, it should be noted; Injectable steroids have fewer side effects than oral steroids.


Primox 25mg 100 Tabs Steroid is one amongst the foremost popular and widely used oral steroids globally and within the anabolstore. The notoriety is undoubted thanks to its efficient effects compared to mild adverse side effects.

Methenolone Primox 25mg 100 Tabs are suitable for powerlifters who want to require an oral steroid with low steroid side effects and no estrogenic activity. it's preferred by those powerlifters, which are mainly aimed toward clean & build defined muscle mass, so only mass.


Biosira Primobolan Primox doesn't aromatize and thus daoes not convert to estrogen. So you never really need to worry about the numerous side effects related to estrogens, like Acne, Water retention & Gynecomastia to call some.

Originalhersteller: Bayer Schering
Dosage in men: 50-100mg each day
Dosage in women: 10-25mg every day
Primox 25mg 100 Methenolone tabs cons

Hair loss, Virilization symptoms, increased hair growth, Acne, hoarseness, irreversible deepening of the voice, and Menstruations Disruptions. Inhibitions of spermatogenesis and hypertrophy of the prostate are the Primox 25mg 100 Tabs methenolone side effects in men.

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