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What is Oxa - Titan Healthcare - Oral

Oxandrolone was often mentioned as an all-purpose oral AAS. This drug was once marketed under the merchandise name (still commonly used trade name) of Anavar. it's the unique quality of significantly stimulating (more than other AAS) the synthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle cells which successively provides faster regeneration of, and a definite elevation in, ATP. after all all AAS have this effect to some extent.

Oxandrolone anavar is just unmatched during this aspect. because of this quality, a rapid build- up in strength was frequently reported and an evident distinct hardness in muscle was obtained with little weight gain and no aromatization. Though it's a standard belief that Oxandrolone anavar isn't very anabolic, a clinical study showed a 44% increase in somatic cell protein synthesis after only 5 days of administration.

Since Oxandrolone anavar doesn't aromatize to estrogen, water retention is reported as quite low and gyno was of no concern. Also, for the identical reason, during dieting phases fat deposits were said to be “burned away” more quickly. (Especially when the drug was co-administered with Clenbuterol).

What does Oxa contain:
Men 15-60mg daily Women 10-25mg daily
10 mg – 100 tabs
What is Oxa used for:
The drug Oxandrolone anavar was originally manufactured to be employed by women to forestall osteoporosis and for youngsters as a cure for stunted growth. The low androgenic quality prevents the majority virilization for ladies in dosages of 15-mg daily or less. And for the identical mason doesn't cause closure of the epiphysial plates prematurely. a noteworthy note: Oxandrolone anavar doesn't suppress any a part of the HYPOTHALAMUS-PITUITARY-TESTES AXIS (HPTA). this suggests Oxandrolone anavar by itself won't significantly suppress natural testosterone production. Therefore it had been not uncommon for a few athletes to report post-cycle HPTA regeneration protocols that included this drug. The result was prominent lean mass retention. When used at higher dosages, Anavar is one in every of the foremost effective pure strength drugs on the market. This makes it useful for power lifters and other athletes attempting to stay within a predetermined weight class.

How to properly and safely use Oxa

Since Anavar could be a very mild steroid, sovaldi pilule large quantities are needed so as to attain the identical success like other, firmer steroids. but 20 mg per day for men may be a waste, for 20 – 80mg per day could also be utilized in medicine to men to combat wasting in AIDS patients and a rise in weight to attain in burn victims.

What other products can we use along with Oxa

Oxandrolone anavar was reported to stack well with so -called mass steroids like testosterone or with high anabolic/moderate androgenic steroids like Equipoise or Nandrolones. Persons over 40 have reported excellent results by stacking 15-25 mg of Oxandrolone anavar daily with 200-400 mg of Deca. a really hard pre-contest appearance has been achieved by males hen stacked with Oxandrolone and Halotestin if an estrogen/progesterone receptor antagonist had been utilized additionally. As I said: “all purpose” was commonly the term of choice.

Side effects for Oxa

Oxandrolone anavar is without a doubt a steroid with low side effects, however, determined the dosage also the effect on the body. Who consumes an excessive amount of, risking the severe side effects here. the precise side effects of an overdose of oxandrolone aren't known to me, because the very high price of Anavar makes overdose impossible under normal circumstances. 1 to 2 euros per 10mg make higher doses for prolonged periods, fortunately, very costly. Anavar is toxic to the liver, but not nearly as extreme as Dianabol or Anadrol.

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