BlendoteX (nandrol dec.100mg/ml+ test enatnth 150mg/ml.) 250 mg/ml



Buy Blendotex Biosira 250mg als Nandrolone Decanoat 100mg/ml plus Testosteron Enantat 150mg/ml im roid24.
anabol Mix is ​​a name for oil-based injectable mixtures of various testosterone compounds.
This name is owned by Organon Pharma. When nowadays someone is up Sustanon Biosira relates, he's essentially talking a couple of steroid stack,
a mixture of 4 different testosterone compounds which are usually dosed as follows:

Nandrolone Decanoat 100mg/ml
Testosteron Enantat 150mg/ml


Blendotex Biosira 250mg Steroid Stack comprises four main sorts of testosterone, which are during a mixture.
Phenylpropionate and propionate have small esters with short half-lives, therefore they go quickly and supply within 24 Hours of adequate testosterone boost.
Decanoate, on the opposite hand, contains a comparatively longer half-life, which is why the discharge of this testosterone is slower.
The half-life of isocaproate is precisely within the middle and therefore the same may be said about testosterone release.

The benefit behind mixing all of those large and tiny testosterone esters is to balance the testosterone release within the body and supply more stability with immediate and long-term effects.


Bodybuilders even increase their steroid stack Blendotex Biosira to 250mg dose 1000 mg per week during the bulking phase, but this proves to be of no help in most cases and sometimes causes side effects.
Amateur athletes take a comparatively low dose of 250 mg per week, only for the additional benefit, to feel faster regeneration and a general feel-good factor.

If you utilize it to extend testosterone levels, is that the recommended dose 250 mg all 20 Days.
To build up the mass, use 100 mg to 500 mg all 7 to 10 Days
If you're using it for bulking and stacking it with additional steroids like metandienone, are you able to 250 take mg per week


However, Blendotex Biosira 250mg as a steroid stack gained huge popularity among the abuse of bodybuilders due to its beneficial ability, to assist you, Build muscle mass and stay in an anabolic state.
We would wish to announce immediately, that a testosterone mix like Sustanon Omnadren isn't intended for ladies in any respect, unless, they require to grow a beard!


Through a Blendotex Biosira 250mg Steroid Mix, you may notice a radical increase in testosterone levels in your body, as soon as you have got taken Jelfa steroids.
The testosterone levels are maintained over a period of 20 Days slowly lower.
The main advantage of testosterone mixing is, that you just only have to consume it every three weeks, if you're using it for testosterone replacement therapy.


When using Blendotex Biosira 250mg alone, without combining other anabolic steroids, you'll gain near weight 4 – 8 KG per steroid regimen, however 50% this weight gain are due to the water retention.

Blendotex Biosira 250mg increases the metabolism and increases protein synthesis within the body, so it can normally be used for muscle building with low fat deposits. However, if you're only using it for the Muscle building use, the effect results is quite mild compared to other anabolic steroids.

The reason, why testosterone mixes are often stacked with substances like methandienone. Another advantage, why bodybuilders use Omnadren 400mg Jelfa during various steroid cures, is thanks to the positive effects, which are related to increased testosterone levels, as an example, when the body remains in an anabolic state and recovers faster after a tough workout.

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