Azolol British Dispensary (5 mg/tab) 400 tabs

Product: Androlic tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Quantity: 5 mg / tablet
Packaging: 400 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulging

Active substance: Stanozolol


The products of Roid24 are unique in nature and you will notice it when you will use | Azolol British Dispensary (5 mg/tab) 400 tabs

People use many medical products to increase their stamina, performance and strength. Some of the people use different kinds of steroids to gain the muscle mass, to get a good body shape and to get the desired results. There are many companies providing various kinds of steroids which are not totally safe to use as they are illegal and are not natural. Roid24 is providing one of the best products in this field. We are the one who can make it sure that we are providing natural and legal steroids on cheaper price but with best quality. We are quite sure on providing the quality of our products as you will get your order right from our company to your personal premises directly. We are becoming the most favorite and the best company as we are providing the largest variety of medical and general health and fitness products. One thing is making us the most favorite that we consider to satisfy our customers first by providing them quality products.

You will find numerous products on our online website but here we are providing you some general but important information about one of our products which is named as Azolol 5mg British Dispensary. This special product is helpful to enhance the anabolic properties of hormone and to reduce androgenic activity. This is the most favorite natural steroid liked by most of the athletes and bodybuilders. Azolol 5mg promotes the muscle mass growth ability smoothly and naturally without water retention. It is important to note that this product provides slight increase in the muscle mass growth but its basic function is to provide the strong and strengthened muscles. The dosage of this particular product should be taken by 50mg for the beginners or average athletes and body builders every two days. The professionals may take the dose of 50 to 100mg on the daily routine. This product can be used with testosterone propionate 50mg every 1 to 2 days. The total course of this specific product should not be more than 6 to 8 weeks.

We recommend you to consult to a doctor or to a physician to set the daily dosage according to your health and daily need. This product will make you surprised by providing you the positive energy and great muscle strength with an impressive increase in the size of the muscle mass. Roid24 is the best company in the field of medical health and general fitness products. For more details and information about other products of our company, you can go through our online website and can book an order over there.

Side effects:

In case of over dose, some of the possible side effects may occur like oily skin, swelling of the mucous membrane irritation, oily hair tips, acne on the body and face, hair loss and hair growth on face and the body.

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