Oxandrolone 10mg - Magnus

Product: Oxandrolone

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 10 mg/tab

Pack: 100 tab.

Active substance: Oxandrolone


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Here we are providing information about the Oxandrolone 10mg Magnus. The basic component of this drug is oxandrolone. This product has significant role in improving and strengthening the muscle mass. This product will not help you to gain the impressive mass of muscle with quality but it is used to provide the strength, quality and shaped muscles. Most of the body builders and athletes like it because it does not become cause of water retention in the body. It will provide you rapid and clear results and you will also notice increased energy level in your body. Athletes use it to improve the stamina and endurance level so that they can perform in the best manner. Stamina is the basic need of every game and your stamina will dramatically be increased. The most impressive benefit of this product is that it will eliminate the excessive fats and will provide you pure muscles but to get the aforesaid results, you also need to have a calorie free diet plan.

Other than body builders, the Oxandrolone 10mg Magnus is mostly liked and used by athletes because it has got the ability to reduce the fats and it does not provide the muscle mass gain rather it provides the strength and quality of the muscles. Athletes use this product for both fat reduction and power boosting. Oxandrolone 10mg Magnus is available in the form of tablets and each pack consists of 100 tablets. The average dose is considered between 5mg to 10mg per day, this dose is taken mostly for two to four weeks. As this product is used for long period of six to eight weeks we recommend you to use a dose of 15mg to 25mg per day if you are an athlete and getting ready to take a part in any contest. You should consult to a doctor or a physician about the usage and dosage of this product.

Side Effects:

The side effects may occur if you take over dose and in this case, the side effects of this product may be like increased anger, baldness, acne, hair growth on face and body, headache and toxic effects to kidneys.

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