Aqua pro injectione Braun 10 ml

Aqua for injection Braun is sterile water for injections.
It is used as a suitable solvent and diluent in water-soluble drugs to be injected
or infusion.

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The Aqua pro injection Braun 10ml is sterile water used in injection as it is solvent and diluents. It is sodium chloride bacterio-static USP used with various drugs. There is 9mg sodium chloride and 0.9% of benzyl alcohol which is used as preservative. The vial contains hydrochloric acid for pH regulation and its pH is considered to be 5. It is used for those drugs or powdered form medication and is soluble drugs and can be infused. Water is the active ingredient of Aqua pro injection. This product works to maintain the fluid level of human body. It maintains the temperature of the human body as well. This product is nearly used along with all dried and cooled injections. Its chemical name is called NaCl which is known as sodium chloride and this crystalline Bianca is easily soluble in water.

Bacterio-static sodium chloride consists of one thousand milligrams of sodium chloride in a milliliter. The aqua bacterio-static does not consist of sodium chloride. Both of aforesaid items are not suitable for the kids. Aqua pro injection is used for the prevention, improvement, control and treatment of breathing, digestion disorder, dehydration and sweating. One should consult to his or her doctor before using the Aqua pro injection and should discuss about if he or she is taking any other medication, vitamins, supplements or not. One should also discuss with doctor if he or she is suffering from some disease or if a woman is pregnant. You should not take this product if you have the health problems like psychiatric disorder, severe head injuries or lung tumors. The doctor will prescribe the best suitable dosage for you. Do not take more dose than prescribed by the doctor as he or she will prescribe the dose according to your current health condition.

If you do not follow the doctor’s advice, you may face some kind of health problems or issues. There are rare cases of side effects of this product as this is used with other drugs so it is not possible to say that this sole product may harm you a bit. Other than side effects, there are only some contradictions like lung tumors, head injuries and psychiatric disorders. These problems have rare chances to happen if someone takes the advised dose by the doctor.

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