Aicar - 50 mg

Aicar - 50 mg

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AICAR 50mg is a peptide used for the metabolic regulation and extreme physical resistance. This product is used to increase the metabolic processes, which in turn provides you the energy to perform well. It is noticed that endurance and resistance level is increased up to 50% by the use of this product. This product is mostly liked by athletes as they need to maintain the stamina and energy to give the best performance. AICAR will provide you long lasting results and will provide you better body shape even if you are not doing heavy workout. Another benefit of this product is that it will make your muscles stronger and again in this case too, your muscles will remain stronger for a longer period of time even if you are not working out in routine. Athletes can use this product to heal the muscle injury as well.

AICAR 50mg can also be used to treat the heart muscle in the aftermath of a heart attack. This product will provide you the best results if it will be used rightly. In this case, one must consult to a doctor and must set the dosage during the course. It will also prevent you from any health problem or reaction of the product. One can take 50mg to 100mg of this product 3 to 4 times in a week. The total duration of the course of AICAR 50mg should not be more than 30 days. If you desire to give the rapid result or performance, you can take 100mg before the exercise or during the exercise. If someone is not training for any contest and wants to just get fit, he is recommended to take the dose of 15mg to 20mg per day, but again do not exceed the course limit more than 30 days. For normal use, this product can be taken three times in a year but not more than that.

Possible Side Effects:

There are rare chances of some side effects like low blood flow to brain and heart. This can also harm the valves of the heart. Some other side effects may be like loose bowls, dry mouth and decreased appetite. These problems can also be ignored if one takes the right and adequate dose.

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