Product name: DSIP - 5mg

Substance: Peptide

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


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Many people think that steroids are not good for health. They consider that the steroids are really harmful for the body. There are some people having the opinion that the steroids are very good to get the better and faster results. The people with this mentality have the point of view that the steroids are not only good for the fitness and muscle mass gaining but those are very good for health as well. It totally depends on one person that what kind of steroid he or she chooses and how he or she takes it in daily routine. Proper usage of a steroid makes you healthier and fit. Problem occurs when people do not ask a doctor that should they increase the dose of the product they are using or not, it will end up in a big health issue. Roid24.org is here to help you in a better way, we are providing you the best quality products along with the necessary information about your product that how and at what times to use it.


DSIP is the abbreviation of Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide. The peptide used in this product is known as neuropeptide which reduces the locomotor or motor activities. This peptide is still controversial as the gene of this peptide has not been found yet. The sequence of amino acids of this drug is Trp-Ala-Gly-Gly_Asp-Ala-Ser-Gly-Glu. If someone is facing a serious problems like sleeping for short time or waking up again and again during the sleep time or even someone has the severe problem like insomnia, all these kinds of patients can have an immediate sleep by trying the DSIP 5mg. This drug provides immediate and deep sleep and heals rest. This drug will help the patients even if they have been facing the illnesses like short sleep and insomnia. This product has many other benefits like it is helpful for the body to release the luteinizing hormone.

Some body builders use this product along with some other peptides and supplements as they know that how much powerful these peptides are. This is a stress relieving and healing product, people having the anxiety disorders and depression can also use this product by consulting a doctor. This product helps in normalizing the high blood pressure and also restrains against the heart attack. DSIP is immune-modulating, stress protective and an anti seizure product. It also plays role like an anti-aging drug. It is noticed that this is drug helps in healing and rejuvenating the skin especially for the people of medieval ages. In some special cases and with the help and advice of the doctors, this peptide can also be used for the treatment of some kinds of tumors and cancers as well. This drug has got the great ability of molecular stability.

Side Effects:

In some studies the individuals claim that this product puts great sleep pressure and the sleep is increased about 59%. Other than this, there are no side effects of this product.

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