Product name: Epithalon - 10mg

Substance: Peptide

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Roid24.org is here to provide the products for hormonal problems | EPITHALON - MAGNUS

We are facing many hormonal changes and hormonal problems because of irregular routine and bad eating habits. Mostly, it is also noticed that low quality products which we consume are also responsible for these kinds of hormonal problems. To deal with all these problems, Roid24.org is here to provide you the best quality health products. We are manufacturing almost all kind of health and fitness products. Especially in the case of slow hormonal growth, slow body development and rejuvenation. Our main focus is to deal with not only general health problems and diseases but also with some special cases. You will notice that our catalogue is quite different than other companies. We have different categories of various products and you can have a look and choose your desired product from our online store.

An enzyme called telomerase has the function to protect the human genome from damage. The Epithalon Peptide has the specific active substance used in it which will activate the telomerase. The telomerase has the quality to maintain the cell division and to increase the life of cells. If the activity of telomerase is increased by the use of this product, it will rebuild the telomeres. The telomerase is also highly responsible for the aging factors and if it remains normal and increases the activity of telomeres, it will work as anti-aging product as well. Pineal gland plays a vital role in different body functions. Epithalon Peptide helps and normalizes the activity of this gland. People having the problem of weak metabolism, weak immunity and slow body development can also use this product of our company.

In short, this product plays an important role for the development of sex hormones, hormonal balance, for growth of hormones of the body and also plays role as anti-aging product. The normal dose of this product should not be exceeded from more than 3 weeks. The daily normal dose is 5mg to 10mg, if someone wants to take this drug for a long time then it is better to not to take a dose more than 5mg per day. Furthermore, we will advise you to consult a doctor or a physician about the accurate dose which will suit you the best. To avoid any kind of side effects and serious health issues, it is better to take advice of the doctor. Epithalon Peptide is a very good product to treat all the hormonal problems. The increased energy and immunity after the use of this product will help you to deal with all the serious diseases.

Side Effects:

It is noticed that there are almost no side effects of this product. We have a studied many cases in which people used this product after the time interval of every fifteen days and using it for years but not had any health issue. The side effects of this drug may only occur if someone takes over dose. Consult to a doctor for best results.

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