Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology - 30iu

Brand/Manufacturer : Anhui Anke Biotechnology - China
Active Substance : Somatropin
Drug Class : Human Growth Hormones


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In the world of competition, every athlete and bodybuilder wants to get the best products for their health, energy, body shape and stamina. It is noted that sportsmen do not pay much attention while choosing a product but it is very important for them to know about all the merits and demerits of a product they are going to use. is providing the best quality anabolic steroids which are totally natural and are of the best quality. We do not have any competitor neither in the variety of the products nor quality. We have a large list of our health products and have the fastest delivery services around you. We can assure you that you will find our products totally safe to use and you will get the products on affordable prices as compared to the market.

One of our products which is named as Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology 30IU inject able product of our company. This product is basically used to increase and maintain the growth hormone level. The substance used in this drug has a short period of validity of the blood, “drying”, which helps to keep the mass of muscle gain during training and your muscle becomes clear and stronger rather than bulk. It helps to regain your strength after a hard workout. It also improves the performance of energy and helps to reduce the levels of fat in the body. It prevents coronary heart disease. This product of also increases immunity and improves the definition of muscle and the appearance of the muscle as a whole. This drug is used by most of the bodybuilders and athletes as this provides enough energy and power boost up to the body.

The Humanotrope 30IU course is not adequate for women especially the mothers nursing and pregnant. This product is also not suitable for those people who have any allergy or contradiction or sensitivity to any of the elements used in the drug. Professional athletes and bodybuilders can take the drug at a dose of 4 to 8 units every day. The adequate dosage is based on the time of the athlete that how much time he or she has left. It is better to consult to a doctor or physician about the exact dose for every day and about total duration. One can also try this product by taking a small dose of it, if it suits him or her. He or she can increase the dose gradually.

Side Effects:

This product has rare chances to be a cause of any side effects but in case of over dose some side effects may occur. The appearance of side effects such as fever, rash, water retention, swelling at the injecting part of the body, acne, itching, swelling of mouth, chest pain, swelling on lips and tongue, dizziness, reduction of libido, reduction of testosterone, headache and may be the toxic to the kidneys and liver.

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