Danabol DS Body Research (10 mg/tab) 500 tabs

Product: Danabol DS
Manufacturer: Body Research
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 500 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandienone


Danabol DS Body Research (10 mg/tab) 500 tabs

Danabol helps by effectively functioning the production of protein and maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body as these two mechanisms are very important for muscle improvement.

The target as the best need was to guarantee that contenders would keep up the anabolic boosting properties of testosterone.

Danabol aromatizes effectively so it isn't a decent steroid when working out for an opposition yet for those wishing to acquire shredded size, it is a most amazing oral steroid. Danabol has a half-life time of just 3.2-4.5 hours, implying that you should take Danabol twice daily to appreciate a rich substance in the circulation system. Numerous weightlifters inquire as to whether Danabol can be taken alone, the appropriate response is yes, be that as it may, genuinely active oral drug and quick outcomes are best accomplished when using Danabol.


1.      The drug is effective for Fast muscle gains.

2.      It helps in Growth of tissues in the body.

3.      It Stimulates production of red blood cells.

4.      This medicine is effective for Metabolism growth.

5.      It doesn't induce hypertension

6.      It Reduces the cardiovascular risks.

7.      It can be used for the treatment of sexual characteristics.

8.      It helps in growth of sex hormones

9.      The drug is used for increasing the endurance.

10.  Enlargement in male sex organs

11.  It is used for the treatment of hypogonadism

12.  The steroid enhances the Performance

13.  If you want a shredded body then you can consume this active steroid.

14.  It improves speed and energy.

15.  It improves lipid levels

16.  It is a fat burning drug

17.  It maintains and controls glucose levels

18.  It enhances the Protein synthesis

19.  The drug can Increase the nitrogen retention

20.  It helps in enhancing the glycogenolysis

21.  Women also use it for the treatment of Breast cancer, androgen responses.

22.  It helps in Increase in muscle mass

23.  It helps in Increasing the Bone density

24.  It is the best hormonal replacement for

25.  It is used by both male and female.

26.  Male use this drug maintaining congenital, hypogonadism, andropause effects.

27.  Increasing the number of sex hormones or treatment of absent endogenous testosterone.

28.  Boost up the glycogenolysis

29.  Speed and energy increases

30.  Protein muscle strength


The normal dosage is 10 mg in one day,5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets in the evening. The course should be completed within 12 weeks to 14 weeks.

How to buy:

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How to use:

1.    Consult your doctor before taking this medicine and discuss your medical records.

2.    Don't take it if you are hypersensitive

3.    Measures should be taken if you are having blood disease (uncontrollable bleeding

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